As an only child, I always had a lot of time on my own, facing all creatures from my imaginary. Drawing was the answer to the ancestral impulse to create and express ourselves, fed from my family that always supported me with love, paper and ink. All monsters and characters I surrounded myself with, as a child, kept growing, followed me and kept manifesting themselves through the ink, on walls, school desks, schoolmates’ bodies..

When I was 16 I stepped in a Tattoo shop for the first time: it was love at first sight.

I felt the connection between the artists and customers, the perfect combination of art and emotions. That day changed my life.

In the years I understood the power of sharing knowledge and that change is the only constant in life.

Tattooing gave me the opportunity to travel full time and discover many other countries and continents, to fly in multiple parallel universes, and I got addicted to it. I love to get out of my comfort zone and face my limits, to push them a little bit further every trip.

Inspiration is the fire that blazes up in our minds and souls, and the main focus of my research. Interpreting my customers stories and wishes through my vision is my job and my passion. Giving my 100% every single session made me what I am today, hungry to hear your ideas and work together.