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TATtoo burst



This continuous study and source to get high your level and your abilities , my life is a ongoing commitment till tho work is the same thing with my life:
My routine, physical and mental, is all around art optical, i live in my artistic dimension day and night and i love it.
So, if there is passion everything seem easier.

My biggest wish is to travel a lot in more conventions and to make more 'full body' work, cause i can see in my customers a real artworks and consequently if i work on a global surface, on a integral body, I fell really satisfied and gratified.
I wanna emphasize this detail:
I'm never never really satisfied unfortunately, someone calls it "the artist maleficient", unable to be satisfied about the personal works... but, maybe, this is the key of a continuous growth , search into themselves the best ability.

Tattooing is a life school, you learn how the people are, is a kind of 'work in progress for ever' not only of your commitment but also of your soul like a human.

Someone could think that the choice to keep the tattoo work as your life style is hard and difficult, but thanks to my experience i can affirm that it is a instinct: Life is all about choices... and this was one of my instinct and meditated choices... and I couldn't be more happy than this.
I've had a lot of faith in me, in my passion and wish to live in this way, but I couldn't imagine to travel too much and know too many people.
I try to give in every work your best, to improve your style every day.

I wanna know the global situation in the tattoo world to find everyday something to make special and unique my works. I'm inspired by too many books, cause i fix the imagines in my head and i elaborate those. Less internet cause its too commercial.
I'm stimulated by every thing that can inspire me , making original changes:
The real talent of an artist is to make yours the reality / imagine / situation that you are gonna do.

The sensation to put on the customers skin your idea is exciting, specially at the end of your work when you see your result!
The daily mood influence my work, normally I prefer set up the basic lines in the morning to be at the best level of attention and energy, I wanna exploit all my potential.
The oriental tattoo market is true different:
Their tattoo art level is more and more high cause they live inside this culture and its easier take inspiration by the reality.
I think that the place in which you live is radically important in
your way to work.
When i was in japan was a great and excited experience for my soul and my inspiration.

Japan Traditional New School Style

It's japan revisited in a modern key, to identified my art works on, the customers bodies I wanna personalize these, with some particular detail like a signatures of my hand.

I took the oriental guide, japan, but i don't use the pure traditional style like a copiers, cause I like to find the best expression of the historical figures, the energy into the myths, stories and beliefs.
I take my subjects into the books , looking for something which can inspire me, I love mixing real elements, japan, new school, and traditional to create a special optical perception.
Tattoo become my life works, my 'wife'. Through this work i learned how to be a man with a big responsibility (cause you are the person who someone commit his skin!). I've learned what is the word "trust".

After so ten years, I can say that I'm married with the tattoo life, it's in my every single particles.

When I broke my country borders, traveling all around the world thanks to convention events i had the opportunity to improve my talent:
If you know a lot of people you can compare your level, assimilate the best elements and suggests of every tattoo artist.
My power is to learn from all, every times and in every part of the world, also appreciate the differences between people and when you are a tattoo artist is basilar to establish a good feeling with your customers.

My specialities is Freehand, drawing tattoos directly on the body to wear it better.
Movement of the lines to give more flow.
Searching unusual subjects in the Japanese horizon.
Mixing more styles to render unique my work.

I could describe my own tattoo works like a european-japanese mood.
The process of transferring thoughts into ideas start with concentration: at the beginning the background starts to move, after that I try to focus the subject on my mind only when the thoughts fog disappeared.
Everything in my had is dynamic, I think that movement is my identification card cause in Italy the largest part of tattoo artists tend to do fixed or flatten the shapes.

In japan, contrariwise, it's easier recognize works with flow.
Outstanding is the intimacy of tattooing process with costumers, both physically and psychologically:
I'm use to fit the pieces on the client's body to enhance him, respecting his personality and energy, In the years there are many body changes and you have to study with attention the customer body.

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