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tattoo revival



Here is some great tattooing done by-gifted Italian tattoo artist UEO who can be found at his studio in his hometown of Como when he's not doing guest spots at studios around the world.

His trade prior was a professional Graffiti artist before taking up the art of tattooing in 1994 under the guidance of his friend and mentor,

Max of Inferno Ink.

Whenever possible UEO travels the world attending conventions and shows in his endeavour of learning something new to improve his artistry.
He mainly does all his tattooing by initially drawing the intended artwork design freehand onto the body to adapt to different shapes of the anatomy.

You can see more of UEO's fantastic tattoos in the latest TATTZ magazine or alternatively check out 'Tattoo Design-flash art collection #10' to see his incredible freehand drawn designs of tattoo art.

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