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Flash Art Collection - Vol 10

In this issue of Tattoo design-flash art collection we are very honored to be showcasing the incredible art by gifted thirty-year old Italian tattooist UEO

and owner of UEO TATTOO studio based in his home town of Como.

He has always been very passionate about his art and once worked as a professional graffiti artist before taking up the art of tattooing in 1994 under

the guidance of his good friend and mentor, Max of Inferno Ink, who taught him all he could about tattooing and all the tricks of the trade.

As you will see with all his original designed freehand drawn art in this issue that shows what an incredibly gifted and talented artist he is with his own unique style. He says that most of his tattooing he does is initially designed and drawn freehand onto the skin before tattooing onto the body.

He explains this way suites him better as he can adapt the design to different shapes of the anatomy of each individual customer thus personalizing

the body art. 

He insist on improving his own technique at every opportunity and so practize his drawing on paper everyday as well also designing flash sheets for other artist to use. He loves to work and design with the Japanese style type of tattooing which is reflected in many of his flash designs and tattoo artworks.

At every opportunity he can he attends tattoo conventions and shows overseas where he says he picks up new ideas and techniques to improve his skills.

This busy artist has found the time to produce and publish a tattoo flash book of his own titled Scritte & Numeri (Script & Numbers) with all the original art personally designed and drawn by UEO himself.


As the title suggests the content of the book consists of words and numbers with a myriad of ideas and themes with the clever idea on how to personalize individual letters and numerals. 

After you have checked out the artistic UEO's fantastic tattoo flash in the pages ahead I recommend going to his website ( to find out more about this artist and how to purchase his book. 

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